9 Oct, 2019

IOTA TANGLE launches a Biometric Authentication System “IAMPASS.”

On 15th Oct, IOTA Foundation, a non-benefit establishment concentrated on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and permissionless ecosystem development, declared that its open source, digital ledger technology IOTA Tangle would power a biometric validation framework “IAMPASS” that uses the palm vein design of a person as methods for recognizable proof. 

The IAMPASS Proof of Concept (PoC) is one more breakthrough for IOTA’s quickly developing ecosystem and another bit of the association’s Smart City initiatives.

IAMPASS provides the foremost solution to create irreversible audit passages for high-security environments, including data centers, airplane terminals, and stadiums. It uses dedicated Masked Authenticated Messaging or MAM streams from passageways. Other uses of IAMPASS incorporate facility access points, smart automobile charging, resource management and plenty of other personality subordinate situations.

Since conventional centralized identity service co-ops are missing the mark with regards to offering security for the consistently developing client base, organizations are presently searching for quicker and more compelling approaches to address these issues. Bio identification is an inventive option that these industry pioneers presently depend on. Likewise, the decentralized innovation that Tangle gives empowers quick, secure and robust digital identity verification. This new framework isn’t only fast but also a pocket-friendly than the customary technique of verification.

IOTA Foundation’s Co-founder, Dominick Schiener, clarifies the significance of identity verification,

“Identity is still one of the biggest unsolved problems today, as the inability to easily identify, verify and authenticate causes significant friction for users and services providers worldwide. This is why we are excited about IAMPASS Proof of Concept, which uses the IOTA permissionless distributed ledger to make identity not only portable but also gives users assess and ownership over their own data. With the maturation of identity solutions like these, we will see the IOTA ecosystem providing a key technical puzzle piece for the adoption of distributed ledgers.”

This declaration came in the limelight just after another ongoing headway for IOTA in the worldwide smart cities development — IOTA and the European Smart City consortium, +CityxChange, got the approval from the EU Commission to wind up another smart city lighthouse venture, prior this mid-year.

Toan Nguyen, Director of Business Development & Cloud Platform, said:

“Distributed ledger technologies are becoming a key component of the new smart city and transformative digitalization initiatives, especially with regard to data management and security. The unique design of the IOTA Tangle makes it ideal for the emerging security applications of digital identity and personal data in these connected environments. Together, we expect the IOTA ecosystem and IAMPASS to help drive the next phase of digital identity management for highly secure environments like data centers and in the smart city.”