9 Oct, 2019

Indo-US ICO to Revolutionize Online Gaming

So far, the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) we have covered have been country-specific. However, in a first, a US-Indo ICO is soon set to launch this year.

MTime by Machaao, will revolutionize playing virtual prediction games based on time as proof of work with friends and foes. The company is based both in San Francisco and Mumbai. According to an ICO-based website, they have a limited supply of  MTime Tokens.

What is MTime?

MTime tokens  are ERC 20 based utility token which will be required to participate in the blockchain version of live prediction games called “Challenges”.

What Are Challenges?

A Challenge is a live prediction-based quiz contest which you can play along with friends or challengers all around the world, while watching your favorite sport event.

New users can earn MTime through time-based incentivized actions such as applying sports skills to predict the outcome of a match. Users can also buy MTime to create their own private challenge with friends.

In the ICO token sale, the company is planning to raise an undisclosed sum as of yet. In the coming months, the company is also planning to launch an android app as well make its debut in the pre-Indian Premier League marketing in an effort to boost users.

Founder Harshal Dhir told Crypto-News India, “To begin with, we will be focusing on sports scene in India. We are in pre-ICO mode right now. But we already have more than 1 million users and growing organically.”

The team has people from different fields which will help it cover all bases. There are three advisors, among whom one is, CEO of WandX, Bengaluru, Abhinav Ramesh.