20 Aug, 2021

India’s Native Blockchain Protocol Launches Testnet

One of India’s homegrown blockchain protocol, Eleven01 launched their testnet on Tuesday. The testnet is ready for real-world use in both public and private workloads. The eleven01 testnet will provide users with an ecosystem to create, publish, and extend the core blockchain services offered through the platform in India.

Earlier, Crypto-News India had reported on eleven01, when the company had held a press conference on the sidelines of the International Blockchain Congress, which was organized in August last year.

At the time, we had asked Rama Iyer, the then CEO of Eleven01, given the computer illiteracy in the country, how would one explain blockchain to people in rural areas. He said, “Although that is a good question, Digital India has reached corners of India where it was not possible before. In today’s time, rural Indians are extremely tech-savvy and explaining blockchain technology will not be very difficult.”

Now it appears, the company has made some significant strides in the field of blockchain technology. Speaking on the launch of the testnet, Ausaf Ahmad, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eleven01 said, “We are very excited about the launch of Eleven01’s testnet. It has been a critical milestone to complete and enables the project to start onboarding dApps and gain direct customer feedback. Our team has been busy working on the platform seeking to improve on existing protocols in the market and engage the developer community. We have two key launch partners: KhethiNext, a growing agritech startup, and DocsInBlock, a financial documentation blockchain project, to start using and deploying the code to test run the platform.”

The testnet is designed to make it flexible for use among the development community, which is why it supports Solidity which is an existing smart contract programming language.

Ahmad added, “With the launch of the testnet, the developer community is showing great interest in Eleven01 as a resource for building and learning about blockchain technology. And we have received an overwhelming response from the community along with valuable feedback for the testnet.”

Interestingly, eleven01 intends to tie up with Genesis Hack, which is the ongoing hackathon event under the International Blockchain Congress aegis.