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IBM Blockchain based World’s first Consumer App My31 launched

September 09, 2018 15:46
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Hu-manity.co announced the launch of its Android App, My31 which is developed using tech giant IBM’s Blockchain Platform.

Since its creation, tech goliath IBM has been involved in the world-changing innovations. It helped the war exertion by utilizing its machine to screen cargo activity; it created monstrous PCs intended to help government substances and big organizations to monitor finance, stock, and client information, then it created the IBM PC. Presently it’s centered on the use cases of blockchain innovation to change the world entirely.


This week, IBM has launched the Cross-border Payments Platform based on the Stellar Protocol which enables financial institutions to make immediate clear and cross-border payments. And now, according to a recent announcement, it is working with human rights/tech company Hu-manity.co.

Established in 2018, US-based Hu-manity.co looks to enable individuals to control and oversee consent, approval and commercial use of their data using a permissioned blockchain-based data marketplace. It intends to empower people to claim property rights to their health information.

On Sep 6, Hu-manity.co launched its mobile application My31 App which is manufactured using IBM’s Blockchain. The application won’t store the wellbeing information yet will enable individuals to control the utilization of their health information.

The name alludes to the organization’s fundamental presumption that information proprietorship ought to be human rights. The UN’s Declaration of Human Rights covers 30 fundamental standards. The startup is exploring the idea of making information proprietorship the 31st human right.

App users will also be given the alternative of renting their therapeutic information to the analysts at a reasonable cost. The objective of Hu-Manity is to provide users the capacity to decide the information sharing conditions, characterize who can utilize it, and in what circumstance, even getting paid for giving access.

Richie Etwaru, Founder and CEO at Hu-manity company said,

“By creating a global consent ledger built on the IBM Blockchain Platform, people, corporations, and the monetization of human data can co-exist sustainably. People will enjoy greater levels of security, privacy, and control while corporations will be able to lawfully benefit from access to higher quality data that has the explicit consent and authorization of its rightful owner.”

There are numerous reasons to share wellbeing information. What’s more, making a commercial center for offering information is just a single of them. Maybe the essential purpose is to share data between wellbeing suppliers is to get a referral to a specialist.

A noteworthy problem with sharing health information is the thing that occurs after it’s shared. Since there’s a risk, it could then be stored, and users may lose control over it. The IEEE is taking a shot at specific guidelines for how to save this kind of health information.

The app, My31, is currently only available on Android devices, but the firm, Hu-manity.co is planning to launch its iPhone version very soon.

Only time will determine that these technologies will actually improve the data security and help people retaining ownership of their health information or not. But, it can be seen very clearly that IBM is situating itself to be a pioneer in this edge of the blockchain environment.


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