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Ganesh festival got blockchain upgradation in Andhra Pradesh

September 18, 2018 17:28
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Religion has always been connected with people’s beliefs, many a time, without any scientific explanation. Several superstitions or practices are seen which never got scientific approval. But our country has always been very adjustable habitat. Festivals and celebrations attract the huge crowd and with time these festivals are seeing technology entering the celebration.

CCTVs being installed, digital information, online ticket booking, online prasad distribution etc. One such festival is 10 days long Ganesh festival is celebrated all over India.


A huge number of people are seeing praying to the God for overcoming all the obstacles in their life. Recently religion got another major upgradation in Andhra Pradesh. 

Blockchain Upgradation

Blockchain wave has entered India. Several companies are eyeing this big opportunity. A number of startups have come up offering one after another service to people and government. One such company Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh helped to create a blockchain enabled system for online registration and clearance to Ganesh pandals. Ganesh pandals are installed at many places and they need certain permissions from government authorities so that safe, secure, smooth organization is ensured. The company is offering the solution with its proprietary components, Zebi Chain and Zebi Data Gateway.

The tweet by the company’s official Twitter account announced the innovative step. 

How Zebi works? 

According to video on Zebi’s website, Andhra Pradesh is the member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and has signed a contract with Zebi as part of government Smart City Mission. Government agencies act as Data providers with sensitive data and organizations like banks and insurance companies act as data requestors who need such data for loan processing etc. the data providers install private Zebi Blockchain to store data in a distributed fashion that cannot be tampered with. Data Gateways can be used to extract data from Data Chains and the data is cryptographically entered so it can be accessed only with consent. 

How Ganesh Pandals benefitted? 

The pandal needs fixing loudspeakers, an efficient structure to hold the statue, traffic coordination, camera installations, lighting, electricity, devotee movement, decorations, etc. All these require permissions from the concerned authorities like the Police department, traffic department, municipal corporations etc. The formalities are hectic and have a lot of document procedures. The blockchain data are safe and secure and can be accessed by all these authorities. The pandals are registered online first, then the unique QR code after registration provides all the relevant details like the size of the statue, organizers details, etc to the police. Then further coordination is done from other departments and approval is given to the pandals. The pandal owners get the confirmation online itself. Mr. Munagala told that the enlistment procedure for online enrollment of pandals was done in only a couple of minutes through One Time Password confirmations and by submitting the mandatory details of the pandals.

After effective enlistment, a unique QR code is created through which the police can filter details like geo-tagging and the Ganesh idol size.

This may sound lengthy but it is actually an easy procedure for the hassle-free organization for the team. 

Other states entering the technology 

We may see other states in future adopting this technology for the larger benefit. The data relating to land records, education records, traffic data, government scheme data etc can be stored in blockchain for the government departments and the public to a certain extent. 

Earlier, we had reported that New Delhi used the Blockchain Technology to monitor saplings and West Bengal local government is planning to use this technology for the issuance of Birth Certificates. Other than this, as per sources, some big educational institutions of India are also planning to use Blockchain for issuing Digital Identity Cards, Course Certificates etc…

Like, Globsyn Business School (GBS), based in Kolkata turn into the first scholastic organization in India to use Blockchain Technology to digitize its certification process.


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