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How to Invest in Blockchain?

March 21, 2018 17:06
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Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology are a decadeold phenomenon now. However, their true glory days came after Bitcoin delivered more than 1000% return last year. Now in 2018 there’s an absolute mania around cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Everyone wants a share of their pie, but now Bitcoin has also lost about a half of its value spiking the fear among its enthusiasts.

However, what most people are missing is that Bitcoin and Blockchain are not the same. Investing in one of them doesn’t necessarily require investing in the other. If you know this, you can avoid all the volatility of Bitcoin but still enjoy the financial rewards of blockchain technology. And that’s what some companies are doing already. Only retail investors are getting late to the game. But now when you’ve come here, at least you won’t be getting late anymore. Here we’ll tell you how to invest in blockchain without getting into the volatile zone of cryptocurrencies. Let’s get started:

How to invest in blockchain without betting on cryptocurrencies?


On a basic level there’re 3 ways to invest in blockchain technology:

  1. Playing with cryptocurrencies and enjoying the returns that they can bring. However, the downside of this approach is that cryptocurrencies can also bring complete losses with them.
  2. Second option is to build your own business of blockchain technology based products, but this route requires some knowledge of business, plus the risks that come with starting any new business.
  3. And lastly, you can invest in companies that are already building products based on blockchain technology. These include a number of established companies too.

In all options mentioned above last option is probably the safest way to invest in blockchain. As long as you invest companies that are established, your money will be safe. And there’re a number of established companies foraying into blockchain technology as of now. Three major ones include:

  • Eastman Kodak: The company that became a giant with the rise of now-obsolete camera films. While Kodak’s profits today are nowhere near its days of success, the company may find its long lost glory days with help of blockchain. Recently it launched KodakCoin, a digital currency and payments system that will help photographers in receiving royalties for their photos. However, the heart of company’s blockchain plans is something else – they will also help photographers in tracking the use of their images with help of blockchain, which will ensure that no image is used anywhere without permission of its owner.
  • MasterCard: Being the largest player in credit card space it wasn’t surprising when MasterCard announced recently that it is already in cryptocurrency loop. And while company has been cautious to proceed with blockchain, it’s sitting on second largest pile of blockchain patents in United States. The best of those patents is probably the most recent one, which aims to facilitate instant blockchain based payment processing! So they will certainly do something with this technology – it’s just a matter of time.
  • IBM: Centuries old computing giant IBM is also looking to reduce its dependence on hardware and software businesses by entering the blockchain game. The company recently launched its own blockchain platform, and it’s already utilizing blockchain to track shipments and ensure food safety.

Final Thoughts

Investing in blockchain technology doesn’t need to be as risky as investing in cryptocurrencies. You just need to know the right way of doing it, and now you know that. So start investing into your preferred companies that are building blockchain products. The sooner you start, the bigger will be your future returns.

Technology and business were my core interests, so it wasn't surprising that I got interested in cryptocurrencies, which operate at the intersection of both these things. Now I live my passion by trading cryptocurrencies and covering Cryptocurrency news. You can connect with me on Facebook to learn more about me. :)


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