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Paul Le Roux – Yet another Satoshi Candidate

May 21, 2019 17:19

there is a footnote corresponding to master criminal Paul Le Roux – a 46 year old criminal famously known as former cartel boss and informant to US DEA who was also once a programmer with unparalleled skills who had created open source encryption softwares E4M and True Crypt.

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Since the debut of Bitcoin – the first decentralised digital currency over a decade ago, one of the most debated mysteries of 21st century is the real identity behind pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. As the inventor of major technology that is changing the way world operates both in financial and technical aspects, the creator of this tech has garnered too much attention but his real identity remains hidden to known world. However, various communities continue to speculate till data on various prospective candidates as identity of the person of group behind the moniker “Satoshi Nakamoto”.  As per data from headlines till last week, the candidates who were associated with identity behind the moniker include Dorian Nakamoto, Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman. However, recent updates from proceedings of the Kleiman vs Wright lawsuit currently under heading in Florida courts has put a fresh twist to this modern mystery. While Craig Wright initially claimed to have been part of group which founded Bitcoin under the moniker Sataoshi Nakamoto with Kleiman, a few leaks from redacted document filed by Craig Wright in the Florida court points to a new direction.

Mr. Wright has stated that redaction in details and his motion for protective order was based on well founded fear that criminals whose names are in the filing would seek retribution if they learned of his involvement in their apprehension and incarceration. As per findings made by a sharp eyed individual who has picked out selective information from data which hasn’t been redacted yet, there is a footnote corresponding to master criminal Paul Le Roux – a 46 year old criminal famously known as former cartel boss and informant to US DEA who was also once a programmer with unparalleled skills who had created open source encryption softwares E4M and True Crypt. To those familiar with the life of former cartel boss and Satoshi Nakamoto, their lives show a great deal of similarities despite several facts continuing to contradict common predictions made by public. Le Roux was highly against government’s attempts to intrude in civilian privacy under the basis of “for greater good” and “for safety of people”. Since governments greatly relied on electronic data gathering, Le Roux believed strong encryption mechanism is the only way to prevent governments from gaining access to individual’s data preventing violation of privacy in this age of information.

There are users on online cryptocurrency forums and message boards who theorise, Craig Wright may have been involved with Paul Le Roux from the day he started working on Bitcoin project. Wright became a snitch to US government leading to arrest of Paul Le Roux and used his friendship with Dave Kleiman to steal a hard disk of Le Roux which contains more than one million bitcoins which he has been using as basis to support his claims behind the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Since Le Roux arrest in September 2012 coincided with Satoshi’s lack of online presence, many believe this to be strong factor supporting theory behind Paul Le Roux’s identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. There was also an anonymous user who theorised that Craig Wright’s hard dish with one million Bitcoin is actually hard disk stolen from Le Roux which was encrypted using his True Crypto software preventing Wright from accessing the bitcoins stored inside. The user also suggested that Calvin Ayre’s mining warehouse is just a front to hide true function of massive data centers which Calvin and Wright have so far been using to attempt decryption of true crypt volumes to plunder the bitcoins but have met with little success. Since Le Roux is already under US custody for rest of his life and hasn’t confirmed the claims of him being the real identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto moniker, winning the lawsuit against Kleiman estate over rights for the million bitcoins and possibly cracking the true crypt encrypted volumes would allow Mr. Craig Wright to sell the coins legally earning him billions of Dollars in Profit. As per article published in Bitcoin.com, 10 clues that suggest Le Roux could be the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto are:

  • The curious Satoshi moniker used by Le Roux in one of his passports.
  • Both were programmers familiar with C++.
  • Both had a strong interest in cryptography and privacy.
  • Both had an interest in online gambling – Bitcoin’s initial code had a poker client included.
  • Both were wary of authority.
  • Both were well aware of the difficulty with traditional payment systems, Le Roux on account of the illegal prescription drug racket he was running.
  • Satoshi’s spelling and language – “analyse, colour, defence, bloody, hard” is consistent with Rhodesian Le Roux’s.
  • Satoshi disappeared in early 2011 to “move on to other things” around the time that Le Roux was transitioning from software genius to cartel boss.
  • With tens of millions of dollars in cash, Le Roux would have had no need to cash out his BTC once the price began rising.
  • If anyone could have hidden wallets containing 1 million BTC, it would have been the creator of disk encryption software True Crypt.

However, it is well known and commonly believed fact that the truth behind any and all claims made by Mr. Craig Wright needs thorough analysis and verification before it could be deemed valid.  This suggests that claims of theory that Mr. Paul le Roux could be real identity behind moniker Satoshi Nakamoto could be yet another misleading fact put forth by Mr. Wright to mislead the court hearings.

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