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How to Get Free Bitcoins?

March 15, 2018 17:51
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Bitcoin is that kind of fruit which often leaves people in a tragic dilemma – to eat or or not! Everyone wants a pie of Bitcoin’s unbelievable profits, but most people don’t want to (and also can’t afford to) risk their hard earned money for that. How great it would be if someone could give you your first few Bitcoins for free, isn’t it?

But what if I tell you that you can get that sort of privilege? That’s right – you can get Bitcoins without paying for them with your money, provided that you’re willing to pay for them with something else. As the saying goes, “there’re no free lunches”. If you can put in some work, given below are five ways to earn your first few Bitcoins for free (not literally free though). Have a look on them:

#1. Completing Tasks on Websites


There’re many websites that give you Bitcoins to perform certain tasks. Some examples include:

  • CoinAdder.com: This site pays you in Bitcoins for viewing websites and videos. You can get started by creating a free account on the site, and you can cash out to your wallet once you’ve accumulated 10,000 satoshis.
  • Vidybit.com: As its name suggests, Vidybit pays you for watching videos only. For every video you’re paid 1 satoshi, and if you do it on their mobile app you’re paid 2 satoshis. The best thing about Vidybit is that if you sign up on it with a Xapo wallet there’s no minimum withdrawal limit. Otherwise if you sign up with a wallet of company other than Xapo the minimum withdrawal amount will be 5430 satoshis.
  • CoinWorker.com: This is a site on which you can do analytical tasks to earn points, which are then converted to Bitcoins. You need to collect 200 points before they’re converted to BTC and sent to your wallet address.

#2. Accepting Payments

If you work online, or if you know someone who deals with Bitcoins, you can get some Bitcoins for yourself by doing some work and getting paid for it in BTC. If you do any online business and work with clients overseas, this can be much easier than any of the other methods given here.

Also , There are payment gateways like Bitpay and CoinsBank which lets users pay for your products/services using BTC.

#3. Submitting Content to Steemit

Steemit is a social media platform that pays you for submitting interesting content. You write something genuine and interesting, post it on Steemit and then you earn when others upvote your post. More upvotes means more earnings. Now, the thing is that Steemit doesn’t pay you in Bitcoins – it pays you in its own Steem token. But you can always convert your Steem tokens to Bitcoins on an exchange!

#4. Playing Games

Playing games can also give you some Bitcoins. Believe it or not, but there’re games that you can play on your smartphone and get rewarded for playing them in BTCs. Two examples include The Blockchain Game and Blockchain Popper (both available in Play Store).

#5. Lending on Interest

This is for those who already have some Bitcoins in their wallets, but want more for free. If you know some other Bitcoin traders and investors, and you can trust them, you can lend them some of your Bitcoins and earn a fixed interest on them. This won’t even require you to do something on your part like other methods given above.

You can also lend the Bitcoin to the exchanges like Poloniex where you can set an interest rate and lend BTC for making profits.


Bitcoins have valuations much higher than gold, a wide range of diamonds and other precious stuff, so there of course won’t be any free lunches. However, the methods given above can certainly help you in getting them without paying for them with money. So choose the method of your choice, start building your crypto holdings and share your experience in the comments below.

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