9 Oct, 2019

Cryptofacil & Bittrex to launch a Digital Asset Trading Platform

U.S. based blockchain trading platform, Bittrex, reported via Tweeter that it has banded together with another Fintech Digital Asset Trading Platform, Cryptofacil. Both companies have come together to launch another trading platform with more than 200 digital tokens. Both Bittrex and Cryptofacil are focusing on customers based in Latin America and the Caribbean, yet the organizations are intending to expand the platform to different markets when it gets necessary licenses.

Trading Platform

The association will combine Bittrex’s latest trading platform technology and an extensive variety of selected digital tokens utilizing its powerful token survey process, with the Cryptofacil team which is responsible for customer operations.

As per co-founder of Cryptofacil, Andres Szafran, by the partnership with Bittrex, Cryptofacil will end up Latin America’s and Caribbean’s driving organization in the digital goods markets with an offer of more than 270 token pairings. Their platform has an appealing user interface that will allow customers to oversee operations simply, with premium services and competitive market costs.

He said,

“We have developed Cryptofacil to focus on the basic requirements of customers: a simple and easy to use cryptocurrency platform with excellent customer support and value-added services in a safe and secure environment. Our goal is to become the record-breaking and encrypted exchange the most respectable platform in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Partnership Goals

Bittrex is a well-settled cryptocurrency trading platform based in Seattle, and the new partnership will help the organization to achieve their end goal of worldwide adoption of their platform.

Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex said,

“The company works every day to advance blockchain technology, and this partnership with Cryptofacil will further drive its worldwide adoption.”

To put it plainly, the objective of the partnership is to provide a fast, dependable, and secure trading platform for digital money users in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also, the platform will enable its users to access the most notable blockchain projects by giving access to their tokens.

The partnership news came in in front of the Blockchain Summit in Uruguay, where Cryptofacil Co-founder was ready to talk about the eventual fate of digital currency and teach participants about his commitments to the business.

At first, the platform might be propelled only in Latin American and Caribbean nations. Nonetheless, there have been discussions of extending the platform to worldwide markets later on when it will get necessary permissions.

As per the CEO of Bittrex, Bill Shihara,

“It is partnerships like this one that will serve to not only support the blockchain industry but also to incubate innovative projects using this revolutionary technology.”

About Cryptofacil

Cryptofacil, established in 2018, has built up a Digital asset trading platform in Spanish, Portuguese and English which has been adapted for Latin American and Caribbean markets, under permit from Bittrex.

About Bittrex 

Established by three cybersecurity engineers in 2014, Bittrex is the leading blockchain platform in the US, which gives lightning fast execution of trading, secure digital wallet and best security hones.