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Bitcoin started out in 2008, and that was the tipping point for digital currencies which gave rise to more coins and tokens. Today, the market is populated with thousands of them. Anyone can issue tokens and trade on them. This is why it is essential to be careful while trading. At the same time, cryptocurrency trading has the lowest entry barrier. Buy bitcoins, and you can start trading immediately. There is no sign-up fees and no minimum transaction values. You can start small and still profit.

One Bitcoin was priced at $0.003 back in 2010. At the time of writing this article, it is worth $5638 giving a staggering 1,433,333 times return. Ethereum was worth $8 in January 2017 and quickly climbed up to $400 by June giving 50 times returns in just six months. These kinds of performances are unheard on any traditional markets. The growth is primarily fuelled by more people realising the importance and significance of blockchain technology which increases the market volume. It is still early days for cryptocurrencies which is expanding at a rapid rate.

Trading is majorly done in large platforms run by companies. But lately, there has been a surge of decentralised exchanges due to avoid government regulations on the cryptocurrency exchanges. These decentralised exchanges are impossible to take down since they run peer-to-peer on the blockchain.

There are multiple places where you can trade:

Poloniex: The largest volume of coins and supports margin trading.
Bittrex: Second largest exchange with more than 500 currencies, but no support for margin trading.
Waves: A decentralised trading platform on the Waves platform.
EtherDelta: A decentralised exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain which makes use of smart contracts. Works with a Chrome Based plugin like MetaMask.
CoinDelta: A relatively new exchange based out of India complete with a KYC process and lets you directly trade with INR.