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Cryptocurrency, Mining, ICO Guidelines Released by Australian Securities Regulator

The Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) published new guidelines on initial currency offering (ICO) and encryption on its official websites on 30 May. The regulator analyzed the requirements for an encryption company to comply with both Australian companies and ASIC operations, but did not cover regulations applied by other national agencies. In particular, the […]

Bitmain Launched Two New S17 Bitcoin ASIC Miners

Leading specialized integrated circuit (ASIC) application developer Bitmain announced two new S17 miners in a news release shared with Cointelegraph. The two new ASICs, the S17e and the T17e, will be released on September 9th. The company claims that both models show improvements, which should translate into higher performance, more stable operation and longer life. […]

Argo Mining Firm Increases its Hashrate

The cryptocurrency mining company Argo Blockchain is unquestionably growing due to the increase in the company’s share price. An aggressively growing mining company ProactiveInvestors, based in the United Kingdom, said on August 27 that crypto mining company Argo Blockchain is expanding its mining potential after its share price has risen sharply in recent months. According […]

Bitcoin Mining to be banned in China soon

It has been rumoured for months after Cryptocurrency trade ban in China that Mining will also be banned. Though nothing of that sort happened initially, looks like it might be happening soon. According to a leaked document online, the country’s internet finance department sent out notices to local governments to make plans to make miners […]