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Samsung Galaxy S10 Announces Six New DApps

Smartphone company Samsung Galaxy S10, which has suddenly sparked an interest in the cryptocurrency community, thanks to interesting features such as cryptocurrency wallet, blockchain, has announced a new feature. News portal, CryptoNewsZ reported that the phone introduced six new DApps, namely: The Hunters – It is a game platform based on crypto, Berry Pick – It is a […]

Is SegWit 2X Bitcoin Fork making a comeback?

With the increase in demand for Bitcoin, the fee for transactions has been steadily increasing causing problems for users. The fee has increased to above $50 if users want faster confirmations. For this reason, traders have been looking into alternatives like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Monero which have faster transaction speed with a lower fee. […]

Automated Crypto Trading App Makes Arbitrage Accessible To All

Cryptocurrency investors can easily optimize price differences from 19 exchanges. Automated trading software makes profit possible to those outside of arbitrage’s ‘closed loop’. New and experienced investors looking to profit from cryptocurrency can now do so without relying solely on Bitcoin or Ethereum’s turbulent price fluctuations; thanks to Arbitao: a fully automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading solution. Essentially, […]