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Bitcoin Casinos taking over gambling industry

Gambling is an incredibly old concept that has been around for many years, because it’s an integral part of human nature. Back in the day it was necessary to be physically present at the casinos, in order to partake in gambling activities. Around 2 decades ago the online casinos started emerging, which enabled players to […]

FCA Becomes Target of Bitcoin Email Fraud

This is called hitting them where they live. The Financial Conduct Authority, was recently, hit by an email Bitcoin fraud. However, the scam did not have the desired effect as the recipients of the scam publicized the fraud, instead of falling for it. According to news portal, Cryptopolitan, the email recipients instantly forewarned the FCA authorities upon seeing […]

Venezuelan Hotels, Realtors Goes All in On Bitcoin Cash

Venezuela has been on the receiving end of never-ending sanctions, and inflation, which has near about made the existence of its currency, bolivar null and void. However, the country is attempting to make ends meet by adopting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Venezuelan hotels and other places of businesses are beginning to accept bitcoin cash. As […]

Zimbabwe’s Economy Thriving On Bitcoin Despite the Ban

Zimbabwe’s government might have banned cryptocurrencies a few months ago, but Bitcoin is turning into best friend of Zimbabweans as their nation struggles with the worst financial crisis in years. From rent to bills to other household expenses, everything is being paid with Bitcoin. Due to its inherent characteristics, Bitcoin has made the cut as a perfect […]

Scammers on Twitter Set Up Duplicate Tron Accounts

Tron found itself in the mid of some nasty conspiracy when scammers on Twitters thought it was a great idea to replicate Tron’s legitimate account. This was unearthed when popular publication Buzzfeed, found that one of the fake accounts replicated Tron‘s and its founder Justin Sun’s tweets to such an extent that the imposter even put […]

Binance Conducts Fourth India Meetup in Bangalore

While the Indian cryptocurrency community seems to be waiting for bated breath, there are a few players in the sector who have decided that there is not much good in sitting and waiting around, twiddling our thumbs. On Saturday, two of the biggest cryptocurrency communities with a huge Indian base, held two meetups to demonstrate […]

An Indian Police Academy to Host Course on Cryptocurrencies

While regulations pertaining to cryptocurrencies are at a stalemate in India, atleast there are some people in the government, who are taking steps to understand it. A circular that went out on June 11, stated that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Academy would be organizing a two-day course on ‘Investigation of cases involving cryptocurrencies’ is scheduled to be […]

NASSCOM Implores Govt to Not Ban Cryptocurrencies

In what will come as a pleasant surprise, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), the Indian industry body has suddenly declared its pro-cryptocurrency stance. This industry body said in a statement, “Nasscom believes that the recent proposal of the Inter-ministerial Committee of the government to ban all cryptocurrencies barring those that are backed by […]
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