9 Oct, 2019

Brave Enables BAT Tipping For Verified Users

In the past few months, Internet browser Brave has really come into its own, especially for the crypto community. Last month the browser and its associated token Basic Attention Token (BAT) released screenshots of their project, which would make the digital advertising space a little more balanced for users and content creators.

At the time, Brendan Eich, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Brave Software had said, “With Brave Ads, we are launching a digital ad platform that is the first to protect users’ data rights and to reward them for their attention. Brave Ads also aim to improve the economics and conversion of the online advertising industry, so that publishers and advertisers can thrive without the intermediaries that collect huge fees and that contribute to web-wide surveillance. Privacy by design and no tracking are integral to our mission to fix the Web and its funding model.”

In a new upgrade, the team has added a feature that lets Twitter users tip other Twitter users in BAT tokens. On visiting Twitter using the desktop version of Brave, users will now find a tip button beside every tweet, which they can use to send direct tips to authors who have set a Brave Rewards account, as reported by news portal BTC Manager.

However, Brave stated, “When you tip a verified content creator, your tip is sent instantly to that creator’s Brave Rewards account. If you tip a creator who has not yet verified, your tip will be held locally in your browser until that creator verifies with creators.brave.com. If they verify within 90 days, your tip will be transferred. If not, then it is returned to your (tipper’s) Brave Rewards wallet.”

Apart from Twitter, Brave tippers can also tip their favourite content creators on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.