26 Aug, 2021

Binance Conducts Fourth India Meetup in Bangalore

While the Indian cryptocurrency community seems to be waiting for bated breath, there are a few players in the sector who have decided that there is not much good in sitting and waiting around, twiddling our thumbs.

On Saturday, two of the biggest cryptocurrency communities with a huge Indian base, held two meetups to demonstrate how important it was to speedup the regulations in India. Binance India and Blockchained India organized two meetups in Bangalore to talk about a myriad of topics and issues that affects the Indian community.

The Binance meetup kicked off with a message from none other than the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the cryptocurrency exchange Changpeng Zhao, who said a few words of welcome. He said, “Binance conducts meetups all over the world and I am genuinely sorry that i was not able to attend them in person.” Zhao added that the exchange has a very strong Angels program and if people were inclined to work with that, they could approach the team to find out how.

After that, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Nucleus Vision, Avinash Pitti took the dais to tell the audience about how the company is working with retail stores using blockchain technology and their own inbuilt token nCash.Source: Twitter

Asked about the experience of nCash being listed on Binance, Pitti said, “It is definitely been one of the better experiences. Apart from the process, their legal and due diligence team are perhaps one of the best in the industry.” On being asked about the depreciating price of the token, the CTO said, “The bear market has hurt everyone. There’s not much other than we can do is staying focused on stores, and providing better in store recommendations and keep building.”

After Nucleus Vision, Opinder Preet Singh, the co-founder of Koinfox addressed the audience and spoke on various topics such as multi-exchange trading terminal and intelligent trading tools like Bracket orders, trailing stop loss, token pools, mirror trading, among others.

We’ll be talking about the Blockchained India meetup in the next article. Stay tuned!