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Crypto Weekly Byte: Market goes to one-month low before recovering

Both Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market touched a one-month low last week. Bitcoin went to a low of $7,936, the first time below $8,000...

Bitcoin Analysis: Price goes to one month low, below $8,000

Bitcoin reached a one month low today, going below $8,000. The last time Bitcoin traded below that point was on 17th of April. It...

Crypto Weekly Byte: Downtrend continues as the market goes below $400 Billion

Most Cryptocurrencies went down last week as Bitcoin went down. The market once again dropped below $400 Billion, going from $455 Billion to $388...

Bitcoin Mid-Week Analysis

Bitcoin fell down further this week from $9,700 to $9,000. Bitcoin reversal started when it failed to cross $10,000 last week which is a...

Crypto Weekly Byte: Market retracts as we reach 10 week highs

The crypto market was on a recovery path for the whole of April after touching a low of $250 Billion. The market gained more...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Likely to Continue Trading Range Bound

The week was uneventful for Bitcoin as it was mostly sideways with no major price movement. Going forward, with a short-term view of the...

Bitcoin Mid-Week Analysis: bounces back from a key support

In our weekly analysis on Monday, we pointed out two trend-lines which were set to converge. These converging points decide the movement. Right now,...

Crypto Weekly Byte: The Bull Run Continues

Last week saw higher highs for the Cryptocurrency market. In our previous weekly analysis, Bitcoin struggled to cross $9,000 and the market had a...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: 200 DMA Acting as a Strong Resistance

The Bitcoin market is experiencing a bit of turbulence on the higher side, as it failed to go past the $9750 level and crashed almost...

Bitcoin Midweek analysis: Correction after reaching a 7 week high

Bitcoin reached a 7 week high of $9,750 yesterday before retracting. Bitcoin lost $1,000 in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at...

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