NamePrice% Change (24h)Volume (24h)Market Cap (Rs.)
Bitcoin Cash77,538.05-7.99%41,954,009,651.401,329,163,065,368.00

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Japanese Cryptocurrency Monacoin Suffered From A Selfish Mining Attack Between May 13-14

It seems that Japanese cryptocurrency Monacoin has been on the target of hackers in recent days. Between May 13 and 14 Monacoin blockchain seems...

Unocoin Launches 8 New Tokens on Its Platform Within A Week

Since last few weeks when every major Indian cryptocurrency exchange was adding new tokens, Unocoin was notably silent. Now in last few days when...

Tether Issues New Tokens Worth $250 Million, Sparks Yet Another Controversy

Despite the large number of controversies surrounding it Tether doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of taking things seriously. The company just issued $250...

New Tokens Added This Week: BAT, Bread, Nexo, Loopring and More

The addition of new tokens to Indian exchanges continued this week as well with a total of 9 new tokens being introduced. The highest...

Blockchain platform Steemit reaches 1 Million users

Steemit, a blockchain based Blogging social networking platform reached 1 million users two years after launching. Steemit is similar to Reddit in may ways,...

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IOTA Overtakes Ripple to become the fourth largest Cryptocurrency

IOTA has had an unbelievably good month. IOTA was trading at just $0.40 same time last month. It has been in a Bull run...

Litecoin: $100

One of the oldest Cryptocurrency has been enjoying a good bull run this year. Litecoin touched a new milestone of $100. Though at the...

Crypto Weekly Byte: $300 Billion

What a week this has been for Crypto! Bitcoin went up last week along with all the majors. This is a good time to...

Crypto Analysis: DASH

DASH finally broke free from weeks of consolidation and went to a new all-time high of $540. If you had read our weekly analysis,...

Crypto Weekly Byte: Bitcoin Bloodbath

Last week was huge for Bitcoin. The most controversial fork, SegWit 2x was cancelled and you can read more about it here. This gave...

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